Rogz Alleycat Cat Collar Pink x 1

Code: CB16K
Barcode: 649510029202
RRP: £5.99

Rogz alleycat safety collar is recommended for everyday use and identification. Made from a high quality, snag-proof, durable webbing, this cat collar is highly reflective for night-time visibility. The break-away safety buckle features three variable load settings that break open under enough strain from your cat to allow a safe escape. 

Size: - small - 20 - 31cm adjustable neck measurement

Reflective material: Maximum visibility to increase the safety of any night exploring cat.
Break-Away Safety Buckle: Designed to break open if your cat’s collar gets caught.
Variable Load Safeloc Buckle: You can adjust the buckle’s holding strength.
ID-Tag and Bell: D-ring for identification attachment and bell to warn away birds.

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