Getting to Know AirTech

Tuesday 30th April 2019

Getting to Know AirTech

The pet gear in the AirTech Range offers extreme comfort for both adventurer and fur companion. Everything that has gone into creating the AirTech Range was done to ensure that the pet gear are ultra lightweight, offer supreme comfort and are noise free, while still providing a genuine sporty feeling. 

Let’s take a look at the six products in this range.

AirTech Sport Belt and Lead

The AirTech Sport Belt and Lead comes in two sizes. You will need a small/medium if you have a waist size of between 68 to 100 cm and a large/extra-large if your waist size is between 80 to 120 cm. The dog lead length on both of these two sized AirTech Sport Belts can be adjusted between 1m to 1.5m long, depending on how close or far you want your dog to be. What makes this product unique from other dog leads, is that it has carabiners as connectors on both ends of the lead. When the carabiner is clipped onto the belay loop of the AirTech Sports Belt, it moves easily from side to side. Your bestie can switch from your left to right without impacting your stride!

You can use the AirTech Sport Belt and Lead to enjoy a handsfree experience with your bestie, or a handheld experience when you need more control. The shock-absorbing webbing plays a big part in both these functions. When the AirTech Sport Belt and Lead is used for a handsfree experience, the webbing absorbs the pull pressure that your bestie is placing on you. This means you don’t have to waste energy correcting your bestie’s behaviour. They will immediately feel when they can speed up or need to slow down because of the bungee in the webbing. When you need more control and need a handheld experience, simply unhook the carabiner from the AirTech Sport Belt and clip it to the black soft tether on the dog lead. The shock-absorbing webbing is now a comfortable handle!

There might be moments along your adventure when you can let your bestie run off lead. Simply clip the lead connecting carabiner to the extra tether on the AirTech Sport Belt, and your hands remain free on your adventure. Speaking of keeping your hands free, storage is no problem when it comes to the AirTech Sport Belt. There is a convenient back utility pouch for you to keep waste bags, treats (for you or your bestie), keys, cell phone or anything else you might need on your outdoor adventure.

While we never like to think about it, there may be an emergency situation out on your adventure. The emergency toggle is included on the AirTech Sport Belt and Lead to separate human and dog completely. If you are ever in an emergency situation and need to be separated from your dog, pull on the toggle. The belay loop on the AirTech Sport Belt will pop open and the carabiner of the dog lead will slide off. You and your bestie will be separated instantly.

Pair your gear: The AirTech Sport Belt and Lead is best paired with the AirTech Sport Harness. Both products have belay loops, meaning the carabiners can move freely, allowing you and your bestie to move side to side with ease and freedom.

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AirTech UltraLite Lead

The AirTech UltraLite Lead comes in two sizes, medium and large. What makes the AirTech UltraLite Lead unique is the material. The fabrics used to make this dog lead are extremely soft and light, making this dog lead easy to fold up and stow-away in your pocket when you’re out on your adventure.

The connector of the AirTech UltraLite Lead also lends into this! It’s lightweight, noise-free and extremely strong, and it’s called a helium tether. The helium tether may look tricky, but it’s an easy concept. You can release the helium tether instantly from your bestie in two ways:

  • If you’re out running or walking and you need to release your bestie, no problem. The helium tether releases (come loose) even if your bestie is pulling full-force on the dog lead. All you have to do is pull the red string and it pops open.
  • To release the helium tether in a more calm environment, simply slide the black lock down and pull the red chord until the loop is big enough for the knot to come through the loop.

To connect and secure the helium tether back onto the dog lead, put the knot through the loop and slide the lock up. You’re ready to go! You can watch the tether in action if you’re still a bit unsure.

Pair your gear: The AirTech UltraLite Lead can be used with the AirTech Sport Harness on those long outdoor adventures. It can also be used with any Rogz Harness.


AirTech Sport Harness

The AirTech Sport Harness is available in four sizes ranging from medium to large. To enjoy your adventure in comfort and to ensure you are safe, you need the correct size pet gear.

The Rogz AirTech Sport Harness is quick and easy to fit. All you have to do is slip the dog harness over your bestie’s head and clip the buckle under their chest. It’s that simple, they’ll practically put it on themselves!

Like the AirTech Sport Belt, the AirTech Sport Harness has a belay loop for dog lead attachment. This means the dog lead that is attached to the dog harness will slide from side to side with ease, giving your bestie freedom to explore as they please.

The AirTech Sport Harness has padded plates too, giving your bestie extra comfort. Speaking of comfort, the dog harness attaches under your bestie’s chest, meaning that their legs have free range of movement with no chafing.

Pair your gear: The Sport Harness is best used with the AirTech Sport Belt and Lead for the ultimate handsfree experience. It can also be used with the AirTech UltraLite Lead for those long outdoor adventures or the AirTech Classic Lead for everyday use.

AirTech Multi Lead

The AirTech Multi Lead is perfect if your bestie needs behavioural control. If your bestie has a dog harness that has a front chest lead attachment, then this dog lead is perfect for behaviour correction through Stop-Pull.

This multi-function dog lead can also be used to walk two dogs. If you have more than one dog, and they love walking side by side, then the AirTech Multi Lead is right up your alley.

Pair your gear: The AirTech Multi Lead can be used to improve control and correct behaviour when used with the Utility Classic Harness, Utility Explore Harness, Utility Control Harness or Utility Stop-Pull Harness.

AirTech Classic Lead

The AirTech Classic Lead comes in three sizes. The medium is 1.8m long and is suitable for a dog who weighs between 12 to 22kg. The large is 1.5m long and is suitable for a dog who weighs between 21 to 40kg. And lastly, the extra large is 1.2m long and is suitable for a dog who weighs between 39 to 64kg. You can watch this video to see how you can weigh and measure your bestie the right way.

The Rogz AirTech Classic Lead has an extremely soft padded handle, making it comfortable to hold throughout your walks. There is even an added accessory pouch where you can store a waste bag.

Pair your gear: The AirTech Classic Lead is best used with the Rogz AirTech Sport Harness for those outdoor adventures. It can also be used with any Rogz Harness.

AirTech Classic Collar

The AirTech Classic Collar is available in three sizes, medium, large and extra large. The medium is perfect for a dog with a neck that measures between 26 to 40 cm and weighs between 12 to 22kg. The large will fit a dog neck of between 34 to 56cm and who weighs between 21 to 40kg. An extra large collar will fit a dog with a neck measurement of 43 to 70cm and is suitable for a dog who weighs between 39 to 64kg. The safety of your pet is important to us and our products undergo stringent safety tests. That is why it’s important for you to choose pet gear that matches your besties measurement and weight. You can watch this video to see how you can weigh and measure your bestie the right way.

Pair your gear: Dog collars are best used for identification, so why not pair it with a Rogz Dog Instant Identification Tag or a Rogz Dog Metal Identification Tag. Using a Rogz Dog RogLite Safety Light Tag for those evening walks will provide great night-time visibility.

Which gear should I get?

Not sure which AirTech gear to get for your bestie? Take our quiz to find the right gear based on your active lifestyle.

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