Getting Your Cat Active

Thursday 31st January 2019

Getting your Cat Active

When it comes to exercising a dog, the choices are endless. Going for a jog on the beach. Strolling around the neighbourhood. A game of fetch in the backyard. There is no shortage of choice when it comes to keeping a dog active. 

But cat parents often struggle when it comes to ideas of keeping their feline friend on the move. Exercise can help your cat stay slim and avoid health problems, leading to a happier cat and a longer, healthier life. Why wouldn’t you want to keep them active! 

Here are some ideas on how to keep your cat moving.

Walking your cat

Taking your dog for a walk is common practice. After a long day, you leash up and head out and no one would bat an eyelid. Taking your cat for a walk on the other hand might cause one or two heads to turn your way as you walk by. But walking your cat is more common than you think, and has many benefits for you and your feline friend.

Walking your cat is an excellent form of exercise. It works their bones, muscles and minds! If you think that this is something that your cat might like, then get yourself a cat harness and lead set and get going!

You’ll need to get your feline friend used to the cat harness. Let them wear it inside the house for a bit, then start walking them around the house. Once you feel they are comfortable enough, head outdoors! Choose a quiet spot that won’t overwhelm your cat. 

And remember, cats are not dogs! Cats walk you. Let your feline friend lead the way as they explore the outdoors. 

Playing with your cat

There are endless games for your feline friend to play, and so many cat toys available to keep them entertained. 

You can choose between string toys, feather toys, ping pong balls, catnip toys, stalking toys or even electronic toys. 

Try hiding your feline friends' cat toys around the house. This keeps things interesting for them as they walk around and discover new toys as they explore the environment. 

How do you exercise your cat?

We want to hear from you! If your cat likes to go for walks or loves playing with toys, we want to know about it. Upload pictures of your active cats and tag us on social media using the #RogzActiveCats.

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